Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Around The Camp Fire Crusader’s Devotional

Around The Camp Fire
Crusader’s Devotional

Hey howdy, hope ya all had a great week and received blessings that brought great joy and softened your heart. Some may know firsthand and maybe others from out of state have heard about it in the news. We here in Colorado have gotten enough rain in the last eight days to drown a duck. The mud in the horse stalls will pull the boot right off your foot. On the other hand, on the good side it is now a perfect time to trim the horse’s hooves. Yet the old saying “one man’s rain is another man’s tears” holds true. The rain has caused enough damage in some parts to keep a carpenter as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. Thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered troubles due to the rain.

One early evening during a downpour, I watched as some of our horses stood dry in their stalls with just their heads outside the doorway watching the event. Other horses would stand outside as if it was a beautiful spring morning, apparently not bothered by the heavy rain and getting as wet as a preacher at a baptism. Others went well into their stalls and did what came natural to them and just went to eating with little interest in the event that they had no control over. Simple choices - stand in the rain, watch those standing in the rain, or do what comes natural and eat. And yet there is another kind of horse. The herd horse - not a leader but willing to do what the “higher ranking” horse stalled next to him does. If the higher ranking horse stands outside in the rain so will he. If the horse of higher rank goes inside the stall so will the herd horse. Now I must tell ya about Moe. Moe is a blind horse. It’s rather amazing because Moe knows what goes on around him but the heavy rain seems to disorient him. Moe depends on the mare next to him for guidance and sense of security. Moe would stand in the rain if the mare did, thinking that’s where he should be. 

Being a simple man that reads the words of God, it got me thinking of sin. Think of the rain as sin for just a moment. Some stand in it as if they enjoy it or know no better, it’s maybe all they have ever known. Others stand out of the “rain” nice and dry but do nothing but judge those out in the “rain.” Yet others get out of the fall of the “rain” and do what is natural to them, what God intended them to do, seek shelter. Then there are the ones who know of the “blind” and guide them out of the fall of “rain” and into shelter of the lord. Of these, which are you? One that thrives on sin standing in the rain, thinking there will be sunny days to come {church} so a little sin wouldn’t hurt, because “I’ve been saved.” May be you might be the one who stands dry in his stall and watches the “rain” fall on others and thinks it’s a shame but does nothing to guide the “blind” to shelter. “It’s ok, I’m just going to sit here in my pew where it is safe and hope that every one else is dry from the “rain.” Or you are one of courage who guides those in the “rain” to the shelter of God’s grace, salvation and love. Are you a herd horse or a horse of rank? Ya know God made you to be a “horse of rank.” It is written “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; DO NOT BE AFRAID, nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”(Joshua 1:9) 

“Satan, the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe, so they are unable to see the glorious light of the good news that is shining on them…” (2 Cor 4:4). Lead the “blind” to shelter and if they will not move out of fear, stand beside them in a symbol of love and hope. Most of all, do not be afraid. Ask yourself this; what would Jesus do?

The true Christian is prepared for spiritual warfare, may the blessing of the Lord’s hand never leave you.

I pray this in the name of our savior Jesus Christ of the Nazarene. 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Around the Campfire, Cowboy Ministry

                                                      AROUND THE CAMP FIRE
                                                    CRUSADER’S DEVOTIONAL
                                                            09-12-2013/ Thursday

Howdy! Hope youre all well and enjoying the blessings that come with every day and learning from the good and bad that is around each of us every day.

About two weeks ago I was hauling in the last load of hay for the summer. Now I took my time, used four straps, had it tied down pretty good I thought. See it was only a hundred bales of alfalfa and it stacked like bricks. So I talked with Lyle for awhile until the sun was getting low and the clouds were coming in. As I drove out of the long driveway, I adjusted my side mirrors so I could keep a close eye on the hay (a largeinvestment of time and money on everyone’s part). When I got to the first stop sign on the street and made a right hand turn, sure enough, off come two bales. They came from right in the middle of the stack where they rarely fall from. It was getting dark and I could also see the headlights of the cars behind me. I flipped a u-turn as quick as I could and they were just right in the middle if the road.

As I’m driving to pick them up a car pulls over. A little fancy Mercedes- Benz coupe pulls over and out gets this fella with a ponytail half way down his back and very city dressed likeFlashy rings on just about every finger. And he was as big as a twenty-mule- team freight wagon. He stacked the two bales on top of each other and waited for me as I pulled up. I pulled up and got out of the truck and said “thanks a lot, sure appreciate your help”. The big long haired fella said “sure man, no problem”. Then he picked up a bale in each hand and said “back of the truck good enough? “That will work I said, then as easy as a kitten hoppin’ over a caterpillar, he throws them both at the same time into the back of the truck. We shake hands and go our own ways.

Driving home I’m now driving slower then usual. I have an uneven stack and didn’t want to be pickin’ bales of hay up out of the road or cause an accident. I can see a row of headlights behind me and as I stop at a stop light a car pulls next to me and the young male driver says “be careful, your tail lights are out”. All while this man in a van pulls to the side of the off ramp at the light and is yelling things that you wouldn’t hear at Sunday school none. I guess he didn’t care for my careful driving. The young man in the car next to me that gave me the kind warning and I just looked at each other and started laughing. I shook my head and said “the difference in people is amazing”.

It got me thinking about what the Bible warns us about other people and ourselves. Let’s start with the first guy. Expensive car, nice clothes, jewelry and long hair, obviously not living the same life style but made me think “do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment” (John 7:24) meaning if your going to judge, judge by the words and actions of a personJudge what is shown by their heart not by their appearance. True,only God knows what is in the heart of a man, but if we listen and watch close enough signs will show themselves.

Thinking of the second guy, the young man who probably didn’t take too kindly to my slow driving but still had the kindness of heart to be patient and warn me of the danger of my tail lights being out. In the words of our savior “Be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.” (Luke 6:36) This young man took the time to think of another before thinking of himself. Howrare such thought. “…The lord has filed a lawsuit against you saying: there is no faithfulness, no kindness, no knowledge of God in your Land.”(Hosea 4:1)

The third man in the story of three. The one who was usin’ double- barreled syllables while not swallowing his tongue at all. “ If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are just fooling yourself and your religion is worthless.” (James 1:26).

Speaking for myself, I’ve been all three of these men, sometimes all in one day. But for sure and for certain I know out of the three the one I wish not to be. I guess in closing I’d say give as twas given to you in your time of need, love as the master loved you; be to the helpless a helper indeed; unto your mission be true. The whole thing makes me think of the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson; “To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

I pray that we all are guided by the holy spirit in thought, words, actions and habits, making our habits and character Christ like in love and kindness. Let the world judge our appearance, let theworld see the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts.

In the name of Jesus Christ of the Nazarene.
So be it.

Cowboy Pastor Ty
PastorTy@ CrusadersEquestrian.org