Monday, January 13, 2014

Jan 13 2014


“Around The Camp fire”

I must admit that I took some time off. Not time away from God but time away from “it all”. The Advent season I spent a lot of time praying, studying God’s word and waiting. I felt that I needed time to make sure of my mission. Sure of what God wanted me to do. We must never use feelings to justify what we are doing but know that it is he that works in us to produce the fruit that comes from our seed, the seed that he gave us. I would like now to share a story that showed me who I’ am and where I’m should be.

I would say about thanksgiving time, the board members of the Crusaders came aware of a horse in need of help. Not just help, but life saving help. It was Cindy who first took “Rusty” in. When I say in, I mean to love, protect from the cold give medicine too and feed very carefully. An around the clock job. Then Crusader board members voted to adopt a very skinny, sick horse that had a small chance of come back. “Rusty” was a good horse with lots of spirit that gave one Crusader girl, Maize, some memories that will last a very long time. 

The board members knew it was no easy choice, money is always the issue, but in this cause they voted to try and help a horse that the Vet didn’t even know what the problem was rather then the team being able to ride in the stock show parade. Board members Tracy, Carmen and Robert spared no coast of time or money on hay and vet bills to try and help Rusty. They set up a stall with the help of team member Mike to give Rusty a stall with shelter and heated automatic water. They hand cut the grass from a large bail of hay cause that’s the way Rusty liked it. Rusty was watched around the clock. Taking his temperature, checking on his water consumption, making sure he was eating all his meds. As all things Rusty belonged to God and God called upon Rusty to go home. I’ve said this in the past, but in my fifty years I’ve seen a lot of good horses called home. I know God must have a stable like no other. Like people he takes them home when they must be needed most because we sure do miss them down here.

Rusty stood for more than just a horse, and taught us a lot more that just riding. Rusty reminded us of putting others before ourselves. He taught us that sometimes you see people at their best when things are at their worst. People willing to give until it hurts. That’s when you see people at their best. When it’s about nothing else but pure love. Tears fall from sadness and joy but when they fall from lost love, those tears are not in vain but rather at being our best despite the odds. Fighting the uphill battle, taking it on the chin and giving glory to God what ever the outcome might be.

My only question is are we giving all we have for Jesus. Giving till it hurts, pouring ourselves out till we fill empty? Fighting the good fight no matter where the battle may be, rather if there are thousands around to watch or if there is no one but us and the devil himself. Are we giving it all we have? Are we giving all we have for love or are we saving the best for our own interest. As for those people and that horse, we are small but we are mighty. Praise the Lord.

May the love of Jesus help all of us to reach out for more than ourselves.

In the name Of our Lord Jesus of the Nazarene.

Cowboy Pastor Ty