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“Around the campfire” Cowboy Ministry
Not to many decades ago, horses and mules were used to supply all the power to work the land. They pulled plows, racked hay, skidded logs and moved wagons full of heavy freight. They worked through out the year. Breaking the hard ground in the spring, not only would a man and his family work farming the land, but they had to be horseman as well. Every once in a while these beast of burdens would do some act way above the “call of duty”. Years ago, my grandfather would tell me of stories that always started out “seemed like it was just yesterday”. See, he came from a family farm in Minnesota and my grandmother came from a family farm in Iowa.   
I remember one story of “Fats” and “Miss. Ice” a drat team that would faithfully perform everything asked of them under the adverse weather conditions of southern Minnesota. One day as my grandpa was working on some repairs on the barn, he could hear the whinny of Miss Ice trying to get his attention. Grandpa went out of the barn and saw Miss Ice but nowhere was fats. For he know some thing was wrong “in his gut”. His team of horses were always together, rather hitched up or not.
Grandpa went looking all over the farm looking for Fats. At the very north end of the farm was small lake. Grandpa heard a small faint almost weak whinny. We walked around the willows and found Fats in some quicksand. Only fats shoulders, neck and head were above the quick sound. Quickly, Grandpa went to the neighbor’s farm to get help.
Grandpa and his friend (Will) hitched up Will’s team and grabbed a couple of ropes. Grandpa carefully got the two ropes around Fats chest and Will’s team slowly pulled the cold and stressed Fats from the deep sand. Well, Fats was blanked and placed in his stall next to Miss Ice, so he could warm up and claim down. Grandpa, Grandma and the neighbors gathered in the kitchen for coffee, pie and of course the retelling of the rescue. Grandpa said he was grateful for the warning whinny of Miss Ice and that I should always keep an hear out for the “warning whinny” rather it be from horse or from the Holy Spirit himself.
A few weeks ago, I meet a young man (Mid-twenties) that had a learning disability that made reading very hard for him. He could read at about a second grade level. He asked if he could read to me this book he had been working on. I listened as he read his book that consisted of about ten pages with large lettering and single syllable words. Although he read the book with pride that he could do it, I could hear the “warning whinny.”
Mr. Bowls who just found his faith and was baptized last week (Praise the Lord) but ya can’t help but notice that Mr. Bowls is shinning brighter then the headlights of a Ford 550. Remembering the story of the faithfulness of the horse team, I thought of a plan. I asked Mr. Bowls if he would help this young man with his reading, he was only to honored and happy to do so. I went and found a children’s Bible, complete with simple words and drawings. A couple of days later, I saw Mr. Bowles and the young man sitting
on the ground reading from the book given them. What better way to learn to read then to read the words of God?  I was so humbled by the display of love by one man and the courage of the other, that I could fell the hardness of my heart crack away. The Holy Spirit is everywhere if you look to see and open yourself to be used for the purpose of the one who forever loves you and will give you victory over every evil if you will only walk with him. Listen for that “warning whinny” of the Holy Spirit and act upon it, whether it is by actions or words, for your own good or someone else.
When Christ went to the cross, he set all believers free. That is what he meant when he said, “Now will the ruler of this world be cast out.” (Jn 12:31). Pray and when you’re done, pray again. Then you shall see and hear things that were invisible to you before, you will hear that “whinny” that ya feel in your gut. Then do what must be done. The Labor is great and the laborers are few. Have courage and do not be afraid. We are children of God and are never sent alone.
By this all men will know that you ride for me, if you take care and love one another.
Blessed be thee.
In the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ of the Nazarene.

Cowboy Pastor Ty Nazarenus

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