Sunday, February 23, 2014

Around the Campfire


Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope ya all enjoy this day to remember and be remembered by all those that we love. Isn’t it funny how fast time fly’s when we are with the ones we love or if we are doing something that we have a great passion for. Thinking of time “flying” by, early one morning I got stopped at a train crossing and boy it was a long one. It got me looking at each train car as a year or memory of my life. It was like watching my past and present pass right before me. Then all of a sudden it had all passed by, nothing left but the darkness and flashing red lights. I got to thinking what appeared to be so long went by so fast then, BAM it was done. In a shining moment it came to me that it is vanity to wish for long life and care little about a well spent life. I believe that many words do not satisfy the spirit; but a good life and clean conscience inspires great trust in God. Seems many err and accomplish little or nothing at all, because they try to become learned rather than well lived. On that coming day of judgment, I doubt we will be asked what we have read but what have done , not how well he have spoken but how well we lived. 

How many will fall because of vain worldly knowledge and to little care for serving God. If you do God’s will and not your own, you are truly learned. We should not ask who is talking but mark what is said. Men pass away but the word of the Lord remains. As you study the Bible, read it with humility, SIMPLICITY, and faith. Never desire a reputation for being well versed. A true heart at peace is found in resisting temptation, not satisfying it.  There is no peace in a worldly man, the one who seeks vain attractions, but peace is within the spiritual man.

As your train goes by what will you see? Make every car count. Love with all the passion you have while in the moment. Don’t take blessings for granted. Care about more than just what concerns you. Give your time and knowledge freely. Do not open your heart to every man, but discuss your affairs with one who is wise and fears the Lord. It is good for us to have troubles and trials at times, it reminds us that we control very little. Always look to Jesus and be thankful for his mercies. Always remember that lost time will never return.  

What will you think of next time you’re stopped by a train?

Go with God.
Pastor Ty

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